A sunday update

Today its just been snowing all day. Its now about 40 cm of snow outside and it looks like a postcard! :D

Last year it came a huge flock of birds and sat down in my garden. I later identified them to be "sidensvanser" (dont ask me what theire called in english), AND gues what?! Today they came back! :D Oh joy! Maybe theire using my garden as a pitstop before keeping on their jurney south..? Anyway they are welcome!

I tryed to take a picture;

Not so good for spotting the birds, but you get a peek at the winter scenery.. ;)
Also - it dont look like they are so many, but I tell you - it was birds all over the place!
And they are just so beautiful!

A sidensvans look like this:

And ,because of the weather, I've spent the day indors coloring stamps. The beauty outside made me thinking of christmas. So now its the Octopode Factory christmas series who's waiting to be turned into a card series;

Poor Santa; my red Promarker desided to rupture and spray red "ink" all over him. So now I need a new print of Santa and a new marker... :S

So now I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home - he promised me we would have a walk in Winterland :D


3 kommentarer:

  1. such a winter wonderland... and great colouring of the images... can't wait to see what is made with them!

  2. I think that bird is called a Waxwing in English....lucky you having them in your garden!

  3. Is that a picture of you holding the little bird? How tame it was! You are very lucky to see so many of them, they are quite rare in the UK - I'd love to have them in my garden. Anyway, I really stopped here to congratulate you on your work with Octopode's images. You really know how to bring them to life. They are wonderful drawings aren't they? I shall keep watching to see what else you do with them. Congratulations!